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Live chat

Quick start

This guide will help you the understand the basics of Live chat.

Once you have created a Chatbot/ Live chat tool, you will be able to setup the live chat configurations by following the guidelines below.

How to create a Live Chat Team?

Having separate teams to handle live chat would be ideal in certain scenarios.

1. Go to Settings in your main dashboard.

2. Click on Teams and create new team.

3. Enter a name for your Live chat team and select the members whom you want to include. Click on Create team.

How to set up Business hours for Live chat?

If your live agents are not responding to customer queries 24/7, you can set up the live chat to be available based on the business hours and/or availability of Live agents. Here is how you can do it:

1. Navigate to Settings->Social inbox->Live chat hours.

2. Select your preferred Time zone.

3. Select the type.

• Business hours

Live chat will open based on the normal opening hours set regardless of the availability of users online.

• Business hours + Users online

Live chat is open based on the normal opening hours but the agents should be online. The live chat will be closed if the agents are offline during business hours.

• Users online

Live chat will open only when agents are online.

4. Click on Add. Set the start and end time. Select the team(s) to notify and enable the toggle.

5. Special opening hours.

This can be used to enable/ disable chat bot during special occasions and would override the usual business hours set previously.

Assume that the live chat team will be working during additional hours (Not during the usual business hours), you can add an override under Special opening hours. As an example, if your extended business hours are from 09.30 AM to 05.30 PM you can update as illustrated below.

If you want to set the live chat to be offline on a specific day (during a holiday on a week day), you can add an override and enable Set offline. Refer to the illustration below.

How to set up Live Chat notification?

You can enable notifications for Live chat requests from customers. Here is how you can do it:

• Chatbot builder interface

Notify the designated team when a button is clicked or when the customer reaches a specific message in the conversational flow. Simply follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the Flow section of your Tool in the Chatbot builder section.

2. Select the element to which you want to trigger the notification.

3. Click on Actions and add a new action. Click on Send notification.

4. Select the team which you want to notify and enable the toggle.

In addition to this, you can set the team at the beginning of the flow and notify them by adding an action to another element in the latter part of the flow.

1. Click on Add an action and select Set team.

2. Select another element and add an action.

3. Click on Send notification and select Team set in flow.

• Configure Notification sound settings

Sound and banner notifications for Live chat conversation can be enabled/ disabled via settings. You also have the option to choose between various notifications sounds and adjust the volume. Refer to the guide below:

1. Navigate to the Settings -> Notifications -> Chat.

2. Make sure to allow Notifications in Browser settings.

3. Enable/ Disable Banner and Sound according to your preference.

4. Select an option to configure when you want to play the notification sound and banner.

5. Select your preferred notification sound and adjust the volume. You can customize this separately for Live chat messages and normal messages.

Note that your browser would hibernate the tabs, which are not active, to save memory and improve performance. This means that if you have not accessed your Live chat tab in your browser for a particular period of time, you might not get notified when a new live chat is requested.

It is advisable to configure your browser settings to keep site always active or disable the memory saver feature.

• Google Chrome
Click the three dots (top right), select Performance. With Memory Saver on, prevent tabs from sleeping by clicking Add and entering the site URL.

     • Microsoft Edge

           Click the three dots (top right), then go to Settings > System and Performance. You can prevent the Live chat page from getting paused by adding their URLs.

How to join a Chat?

1. Sign in to your Serviceform account and make sure that the Chatbot is installed on your Website.

2. Click on Chat which is located in the side bar.

3. Click on Chatbots or select your team under the Teams section to access and view all the chats assigned to you or your team. The Chats will start appearing when users interact with the chatbot.

4. Select the Chat that you want to join and click on Join conversation.

5. Type your message and click on Send.

6. You can click on Leave Chat once the conversation has ended.

Learn more about the basics of live chat in the next article.