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Live chat basics

In this guide, you will be able to learn about transferring chats, setting up quick replies, deleting and archiving chats.

Transferring chat to another users

You can transfer a live chat to another team or an agent by sending a request via the live chat interface. Refer to the guide below:

1. Scroll down through the Details side bar and click on the Transfer chat button located below the agent details.

2. Select the team/ agent to transfer the chat.

3. The requested user can find the chat highlighted in green. Click on the chat.

4. You can see who has requested you to join the chat. Click on Join conversation.

How to add Quick reply messages?

Make use of the quick reply feature to reduce the chat handling time by storing the most frequently used messages:

1. Navigate to the Settings section in the main dashboard. Click on Social inbox and then Quick replies.

2. Click on Add a quick reply. Quick replies can be added to everyone, teams, or just yourself.

3. Enter your text and click on Okay.

4. Save your changes.

Once you have saved your changes, you can navigate to the Live chat interface and find the Quick replies option:

How to delete a chat?

Unwanted chats can be deleted with a few clicks:

1. After selecting the chat, click on the Bin icon located in the top right hand side of the screen.

2. Click on Okay.

How to archive and unarchive a chat?

You can archive and unarchive chat(s) in the live chat dash board. An archived chat would be unarchived automatically if the customer texts in the same session. Refer to the guide below:

1. Select the chat that you want to archive under Your inbox or Chatbots tab and click on the archive option located in the top right hand side of the Live chat interface.

2. Click on Okay.

Chats can archived automatically when a lead is submitted:

1. Navigate to Settings in the Chatbot builder interface after selecting your tool.

2. Scroll down to the Review and Lead settings section and enable Archive chat after submission.

You can find the archived chats under the Archive tab. Here is how you can unarchive chats:

1. Click on Archive in the live chat dashboard and select a chat. Click on archive an icon.

2. Click on Okay.

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