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Live chat advanced settings

This guide will help you understand live chat leads, automatic replies, tagging chat conversations, auto team transfers, and chat review settings.

How to receive leads via E-mail automatically?

Once you have set up Live chat, leads can be sent to either your Email(Copy) and/or Xrm. By default, you would get the Live chat conversation to your registered e-mail by default. Refer the guide below to change and/or add Email addresses to receive leads:

1. Navigate to the Settings section in your Chatbot builder interface.

2. By default, the account owner will get the lead from Live chat to the registered Email address. You can Enable/ Disable this feature.

3. You can add a list of Email addresses to which you want to send copies of leads and modify the subject of the Email.

How to send a Lead via Live chat?

When you're in the live chat interface, you can spot the visitor details on the right sidebar. You have two options for sending these details, and here's how you can do it:

• You send the lead by creating a ticket if you have setup Xrm.

1. Click on Create ticket.

2. Select your preferred xRM space that you want to save the lead in.

3. Check the lead details and click on Create Ticket.

4. Click on Go to item to check the lead that was created.

• Send a copy of the chat via E-mail.

1. Enter an Email address to which you want to send the lead to. Click on send email.

2.Check the Email that you received via

How to set Live chat acknowledgement replies?

You can send acknowledgement messages automatically to the customers when the live agent fails to join the chat on time. In this way you can make sure that you do not lose a qualified lead. Note that you will need to disable AI if you are willing to use this feature. Here is how you can do it:

1. Navigate to the AI section in the chatbot builder interface and disable the AI feature.

2. Navigate to the Settings section in the chatbot builder interface and scroll down to the Live chat settings section.

3. Type a message that you want to send when the initial message is sent by the customer and set a waiting time(in seconds).

4. Type a second message to send after the previous waiting time has been passed and set a waiting time(in seconds).

5. Select the conversational flow element that you want to direct the customer to when the waiting time for the second acknowledgement message has been passed.

6. Click on Save settings.

How to create Tags for Live chats?

Tags can be used to keep track of different types of live chat conversations, i.e. leads, spam, potential lead, etc... Let's see how we can create tags:

1. Navigate to Settings -> Social inbox -> Tags and create Tag(s) for everyone and/or for specific teams.

2. Name your Tag and click on Okay.

    3. Save settings.

How to tag a Chat?

Tagging chats can be helpful in statistics and in keeping track of different types of chat interactions. Once tags are created, you can easily tag each and every chat via the Chat dashboard:

1. Navigate to the Chat dashboard and select a chat.

2. Scroll down to the Tags section in the right side panel and click on the drop down menu. Select one or more tags according to your preference.

Setting up Auto team transfers

The Live chats can be automatically transferred to another team if the respective team fails to respond in the first instance. By doing this, you can make sure that you do not lose a qualified lead or an existing customer. Refer to the guide below:

1. Navigate to Settings -> Social inbox -> Auto team transfers. Click on Add.

2. Set the Original team who will be handling live chats and select the day(s) in which you want to initiate auto team transfer.

3. Choose how long (in seconds) to wait before moving the chat to another team if the previous team doesn't join and set the team. Click on Save transfers.

Set up and configure review settings

Customers can review the experience and support that they got from the chatbot and/or live agent(s). You can easily set this up via the Chatbot builder interface:

1. Navigate to Settings and scroll down the Review and lead settings section.

2. You can ask for a review when the customer has reached the end of the conversational flow and/or when the live chat has ended. You can enable/ disable the toggles according to your preference.

3. Enter a title and description for the Review form. Make sure to save the changes.