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Customize the Welcome page

The welcome page is the initial interaction point for users engaging with your chatbot.

Personalizing the Welcome page can create a welcoming and informative experience. This article covers the following:

Enable/Disable the Welcome page

Enable/Disable the Avatar

Customize the Header/ Subtitle

Adding content to the Welcome page

Accessing Welcome Page Settings

To access the Welcome page settings, click on the Welcome Page tab in the Design section of the Chatbot builder interface. Refer to the following visual guide:

Welcome Page
Enable/ Disable the Welcome page

The Welcome page would be displayed when the users start interacting with the chatbot. By default, this feature would be enabled. If the Welcome page is disabled, the users would directly enter the chatbot conversation. You can always enable/ disable the Welcome page using this toggle in the Welcome page tab:

Toggling Welcome page
Enable/ Disable the Avatar

The Avatar adds a visual touch to the welcome page, making the chatbot's introduction more engaging and personable for first-time users. By default, this feature would be enabled. Here is how you can enable/ disable the Avatar using the toggle:

Customize the Header and Subtitle

The Header and Subtitle displayed on the welcome page are customizable to suit individual needs. You have the flexibility to adjust these elements to enhance their appeal, align them with your brand's tone, and captivate users' attention effectively. Refer the guide below:

• Modifying the Header and the Subtitle Text and Position:

1. Navigate to the Welcome page Header and Subtitle section and change the Header and the Subtitle according to your preference.

Header and Subtitle

2. Align the Header and Subtitle Position using the Center and Top Margin options.


• Changing the Background & Font color:

1. Navigate to the Background and Font color section in the Welcome Page settings and choose a preferred color or enter the hexadecimal code for the specific color you desire.

• Adding/ Changing the Background Image:

1. Navigate to the Background Image section in the Welcome Page settings.

2. Click and upload an image from your device or select one from other sources to serve as the background.

Adding content to the Welcome Page

The Welcome page can be equipped with interactive elements to make it more engaging. You can find the following types of elements in the Popup item type under the Welcome page Content section:

• Live Chat Area:

Integrate a live chat area for real-time interactions with users.

Live Chat Element

• Button:

Include clickable buttons guiding users to specific flow elements.

Customize button titles, colors, font, and radius.

Button Element

• Large Button:

Include large buttons which directs the users to specific flow elements.

Customize Button Title and Subtitle.

• Flow Button:

Add flow buttons to initiate predefined conversational flow paths.

Flow Button Element

• Video:

Add video links from YouTube or Cloud Flare to display visual content and information.

On click, the video title will open in a separate tab, redirecting users to the provided video link.


By default, up to three contents (such as live chat, buttons, flow buttons, or videos) can be added. However, the number of contents can be adjusted based on the size and layout of the chatbot welcome page using CSS customization.

• Kindly remember to save and preview the chatbot. Also, do not forget to install the tool on your Website once you are done.