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WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp for business

Learn how to setup and configure WhatsApp Business with Serviceform.
What is WhatsApp Business?

With the use of WhatsApp Business (Meta), you can interact with your customers. It offers features such as business profiles, messaging tools, automated responses, and analytics to streamline customer communication and enhance customer service.

Serviceform WhatsApp tools would make this process smooth and seamless.

This article series will you help you to get an understanding about :

Creating a WhatsApp bot

Setting up WhatsApp Business account via Meta

Integrating WhatsApp business with Serviceform

Creating template messages and managing Whatsapp campaigns along with the pricing mechanism

Things to consider

Before getting started, there are a few pre-requisites to be satisfied :

• A Facebook account with administrator access.

• Phone number(s) (preferably a Business phone number) which is not registered either on personal or WhatsApp business. If it is registered, you will have to delete your account. Refer this link to know more.

• Publicly available and easily accessible privacy policy URL explaining what data you will be collecting and how you will be using it.

• Credit/ Debit card to add a payment method to WhatsApp Business account. Refer this link to know more.

• You'll get up to 1,000 free service conversations every month, which will be initiated when the customer sends a message or responds to the template message sent and last for 24 hours. Refer this link for more information.

Let's get started by creating your WhatsApp Chatbot!🚀