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WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp configuration

Learn how to link Serviceform with WhatsApp Business.

In this article, we will focus on :

• Basic WhatsApp setup

• Integrate the WhatsApp bot to WhatsApp business

• Send leads from WhatsApp bot to E-Mail

Basic WhatsApp setup

Make sure that you have the Phone number ID, Business ID, and Access token ID. Let's get started:

1. In the Dashboard, navigate to Settings -> Social Inbox -> WhatsApp. Click on Add account.

2. Enter the Phone number ID, Business ID, and Bearer token (Access token). Select the pixel to classify the statistics of the WhatsApp bot under a specific pixel ID.

3. Select a team to which you want to assign the incoming Whatsapp messages.

4. Enabling 24 hour chat reset would create a new chat if the customer messages after 24 hours.

5. Enabling Reset session after agent leaves would also create a new chat if the customer messages after the agent has left the chat.

6. Click on Save.

Integrating the WhatsApp bot to the WhatsApp business

Link your WhatsApp chatbot to the WhatsApp business account by following the steps below.

1. Click on Bot and enable the flow.

2. Select the WhatsApp bot you have built previously.

3. Specify the number of hours, since the time the agent left, after which you want to resume the chatbot flow. Select the language.

You can also enable different chatbots in different time frames based on your requirement :

4. Click on Add and select the Time zone.

5. Select the WhatsApp bot and set the time frame within which you want to initiate the bot. Click on Update once you are done.

Send leads from WhatsApp bot to E-Mail

The details collected from the customer can be sent to you E-Mail as a lead from the WhatsApp bot with specific conditions. Here is how you can do it :

1. Click on Leads and enable the toggle.

2. Enter the E-mail addresses to which you want the leads to be sent and specify the time duration for sending the leads if none of the live agents join the chat.

3. Click on update once done.

By following these steps, you can make sure that your customers have a good experience in these touch points to generate more leads.

Check out the next article to learn about creating WhatsApp template messages.